Plano Pacers Running Club Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Grand Prix?

  • Note: Starting in 2007, the Grand Prix is being eliminated.
  • The Grand Prix is an elite local championship based on Plano Pacers race performances over the course of a calendar year. Everyone who enters a Pacers race is automatically considered for Grand Prix awards, and no special entry is required.
  • Anyone can be competitive in the Grand Prix due to its use of normalized race scores that account for differences in race distance, age, and sex. Eligibility is established once a runner completes races on 4 different Saturday dates. (A special accommodation is made for the June event, where participants are permitted to count results from both the Millet Mile and the 5K race.) An individual's top 4 scores are averaged to produce his or her Grand Prix total for the year. Grand Prix winners receive special trophies and possible media attention early the following year.

What is the Grand Slam?

  • Note: Starting in 2007, the Grand Slam is being eliminated.
  • Grand Slam awards recognize participation in Plano Pacers races. The basic Grand Slam award is given to participants who complete at least one 3K, 5K, 8K, and 10K in a given year. Super Grand Slam awards go to those who complete a 15K event in addition to satisfying the requirements of the Grand Slam. Members who complete either of these two circuits twice in a year will receive the Double Grand Slam or Double Super Grand Slam, respectively. Consideration for the Grand Slam awards is automatic, and no special entry is required.