Plano Pacer 3 X 3K Race Announcement

The August race is a 3 person X 3K relay held at Bob Woodruff Park in Plano. Numerous team categories and multiple age group ranges exist insuring a fun experience for all participants. Register online here or on race day. Race Day Registration opens at 7:00 a.m. If you donít have a team, you should be able to form one on race morning.

Form Instructions: Fill in team name and runner info. The category will be filled in for you. Click Submit Application to submit your registration or Print Application to print out a copy. Fill in team name and runner info, and circle the appropriate category and age group.

Race Day Instructions: If you are a member, you must wear your bib. If you are a guest registering online or walking up on race morning, you must pay your fee, pick up your race bib and complete the race day application.

Timing: Our dedicated team of timers and scorers will time individuals based on bib # and position on registration form. The time when runner #3 crosses will be the team time. Be sure your racers run in the order on the registration form! As a backup, each runner should note the time when they complete their leg. There is a place on the form for recording the time at completion of each leg.

Plano Pacer 3 x 3K Race Application

Enter Team Name
Enter Runner Info
Name Membership / Bib# G Age Clydes* Actual Time
Runner 1 Member Bib#
New Guest
M F  
Runner 2 Member Bib#
New Guest
M F  
Runner 3 Member Bib#
New Guest
M F  
Enter Totals          
* Clydesdales - Men over 190 lbs; Athenas - Women over 140 lbs
Category and age group (circle)
All Female
All Male
0-59 60-119 120-159 160-up NA
Or, special category - no age group (circle)
Clydes/Athenas Mixed
Submit application and print.