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Schedule of Races at Bob Woodruff Park

Set aside your Last Saturday of each Month for the Pacers!


Date Name Event(s)
January 27 Fresh Start 5K, 10K
February 24 Bead Bash 5K, 15K
March 31 Spring Scamper 5K, 10K
April 28 Hall of Fame Run 3K, 8K
May 26 Remembrance Run 5K
June 30 Millet Mile Millet Mile, 5K
July 28 July Charity Run ($$) 5K
August 25 Dog Days Relay 3K x 3 relay
September 29 Five-mile Fling 5 Mile
October 27 Boo Scoot 5K, 10K
November 24 Turkey Run Off 5K, 15K
December 29 Holiday Hustle 3K, 8K

* Races are on Saturday at 8:00 am sharp. There is a Jr. Sprint (1K) for ages 0-12 each month.

$$ Additional fee may be charged.


Jr. Sprint

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