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Please give us an idea what kind of job you would like to do, or anything else you think we need to know.

Volunteer Spots

Volunteer Spots

Please volunteer for an open spot by submitting the form or sending an email to volunteer@planopacers.org .

Please indicate if you have a desired position and if you will be running in the races.


The highlighted positions CAN NOT RACE, all others can.


[Time Varies]


Race 1 Director


Start the race, preside over awards



Bring food and water and supervise table

Awards Chairperson


Bring, arrange and distribute awards

Awards Assistant


Help Awards Chairperson



Take pictures at awards /registration

Water Station 1

(2 or more needed)


Provide water for runners at station 1

Water Station 2

(2 or more needed)


Provide water for runners at station 2

Course Photo/Monitor


Take pictures and direct runners on the course

Course Monitor Startv


Look out and stop cars at race start

Course Setup


Set up cones and markers before race

Course PickUp


Pick up cones and markers after race



(can do any of the above or other jobs as needed)


[7:00– 8:00 am]


New Membership Registrar


Handle new membership / renewals. Issue “Welcome Bibs” to new members.

New Membership Registrar


Help registrar and give completed new member forms to data entry.

Member Bib Distribution


Distribute Bibs to current members

Member Sign-In Scanner µ


Use barcode scanner to sign-in members (bib #, distance, Clydes?)

Member Sign-In : ţ


Verify member info. Handle exceptions using keyboard.

Guest Registrar


Handle guest registrations. Collect fee and issue guest bib.

Guest Registrar


Help registrar and also process pre-registered guests.

Guest Entry :


Process guest registration forms

New Member Entry :


Process into computer new member applications



(can do any of the above or other jobs as needed)

Finish Line

[8:00 ~ 9:30am]


Timer Computer :


Press ENTER for each finisher into computer.

Finish Line Captain


Officiate over order of finish and direct finishers to form line inside finish chute

Bib Scanner µ


Scan bibs of all finishers in the order of finish.

Bib Computer : ţ


Process into computer non-scans. Verify finisher info.

Quality Control


Note down any corrections to the results and submit to Bib Computer

Palm Operator


Use Palm to record finisher’s time. Used as backup/verification.

Manual Bib Clipboardv


Write down finishers’ bibs on a clipboard. Used as backup/verification.

Results Equipment Mgr


Setup Monitor/ Printer connections @ gazebo. Some technical skills required.



(can do any of the above or other jobs as needed)

Kids’ K





Start race and preside over awards



Time race using timing clock



Write down kids’ info on bibs

Finish Line Assistant


Pull tags and help at finish.




: Will be operating a computer

µ ţ Preferably the same persons doing dual roles (registration and finish line). v Dual Role.


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