Plano Pacer Legends

The Plano Pacer running club was started in 1978, and our online runner database includes races going back to the year 2000. Many thanks to Mathew Pierret and Jeff Hashe who dilligently update the database each month. The database can be found on our old website and you can search your runner history here. Since the database was started we have around 275 races captured in it. Included below are our top 10 Plano Pacer Legends who have ran the most events (as of April 2024): 

To see the complete list of legends which includes over 1,000 runners and includes everyone who has run 10 or more races click here. Note that our legend list does not count our volunteers who attend races but are unable to run because they are helping out. Note also that the list is updated monthly to reflect standings each month.

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